Jacob Tyo

I am a Ph.D. student in the Machine Learning Department at Carnegie Mellon University, and Electronics Engineer at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory.  Advised by Zachary Lipton, I work on reinforcement learning.  Before joining CMU, I obtained a Master's and a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering at West Virginia University, where I worked with Roy Nutter and Katerina Goseva-Popstojanova to apply machine learning in computer security domains.  My research interests lie in reinforcement learning, artificial intelligence, and meta-learning.  

Email: jtyo@cs.cmu.edu


Office: Gates Hillman Center 8007




Google Scholar

Technical Reports

A Practical Guide to the Open Standards for Unattended Sensors (OSUS)

(Defense Technical Information Center) Jacob Tyo and Jesse Kovach

Empirical Analysis and Automated Classification of Security Bug Reports

(NASA Technical Reports) Jacob Tyo

Security Vulnerability Profiles of NASA Missions Software: Empirical Analysis of Security Related Bug Reports

(NASA Technical Reports) Katerina Goseva-Popstojanova, Jacob Tyo, and Brian Sizemore 

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